Le Mans 24hr

Myself and 4 friends are looking to go to Le Mans next year for the 24hr race. We want to keep it on a tight budget so camping is the order of the day. Has anyone got any experience/recommendations of good campsites with good access to the track and any that should be avoided. Also are there any discounted tickets available anywhere?


Thanks in advance


Unfortunately, I don’t know much information about what you are asking. Although, a few days ago I found this link from the Silverstone Classics shopping village. Hopefully, you can get some information from it.



Heux Annexe. Camped there a couple of years ago, it’s within the track and each plot is marked out so you get a good area. Decent showers nearby and tetre rouge is 5 minutes walk. 

Have a look on BeerMountain website and forum, loads of information about Le Mans and they have loads of people go. I’ve been a couple of times and stayed at one of the main sites and also one further down the road, both great.


Might help.

Thanks for you help/suggestions