Leaking boot on retractable hard top 2008 nc

Hope you can help
I have a 2008 NC retractable hard top
I seem to have a water leak into the boot.
I have checked the drain holes they are fine I have also resealed the tail lights
The only time it leaks is if it is sitting facing uphill.
I have no idea how it is getting in.
Any help would be appreciated

Check the third brake light…water can get in via it.

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My 3rd brake light sits on the hard top cover compartment not the boot lid so felt that after it was raining seemed dry or would it run down the wiring
Also the carpet in that compartment is dry

I would love to know the answer to this. I have a 2013 NC Retractable hard top and have the same issue on my sloping drive. I removed the carpet and filled the boot with talc to trace the leak. It appeared to be coming in from the two far corners, running down into the well.

I gave up in the end and just kept the carpets out. After every down pour I just get the towel in and dry it off. Not great but have no other ideas. Car is absolutely fine on the flat ground.

The two drain hoses which run from the rear window lower weatherstrip to drain into the PRHT compartment drain grids can detach or can be pointing so they miss the drainage grating when parked uphill. Seen reports of these falling off prior to delivery on new cars. One of mine was off when I bought the car at 3 years old(2013 car) and the PO had returned to dealership several times and resigned himself to placing crystal driers in the car to stop windows fogging.

I extended both my hoses so as to ensure the water runs into the drain grids, even on a hill. Unfortunately this did not ease the problem either.

Is it not that because it’s on a hill, the water overflows from the rear of the trays? The drain tubes are positioned at the front of the trays.