Leaking roof/windows

hi all,

Recently purchased my 1st MX5 and have come to realise that water is leaking along/through the rubber seal which butts up to the window. Infact it almost seems like the window should go up 10mm further than it does?? or have the rubber seals just lost there shape?
Just wondered if anyone has had similar issues and if so what could remedy it?
Any help would be appreciated…

Would help knowing which model you have.

Apologies! 2005 mk2.5 1.6

First off you could try cleaning all the rubber seals then treating with one of those rubber treatments, I use Autoglym stuff, others available.
They help keep the rubbers supple, worked when I had a minor leak around the window seal in my Mk1.
I think I’ve read where there are stops that can be adjusted on the wind mechanism if you think it may need adjustment.

Thanks Mick, appreciated!

Not too sure what you mean by the following;
there are stops that can be adjusted on the wind mechanism if you think it may need adjustment??


Although I’ve not had to do it myself, door card off pretty sure there are stops on the bottom of the glass/frame these obviously stop the window going up further than it should.
Someone can confirm who’s done this job if you think it needs adjusting.

Maybe a picture of said window showing how far up it sits on the rubbers.

The window should be to the top of the quarterlight and no higher. Does the hood cover the seals as it is supposed to or has it shrunk back and started to split?

I had the same problem. I removed the rubber seals, separated the rubber form the metal frame, put a small cut on the under side and inserted 10mm plastic pipe inside the rubber. re-assemble all the seals and there is then more pressure on the window. The window also has a stop block that can be adjusted slightly when the door cards are removed.

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