Leather seat cover

I’m looking for some black seat covers (ideally real leather) for my ND (2023) that will fit perfectly, and look better and more stylish than the standard seats - which are OK but a bit meh.

They could have red accents (it’s a Soul Red ND) or just plain black - and be comfortable and non-slippery.

Has anyone found any that work and that raise the appearance of the interior?

This is an interesting question.
Do any NDs have full black leather seats from new?
If so perhaps someone might swap for your seats?
Or perhaps you might find some pre-owned seats for sale?

It is tough to find covers that fit snugly to OE seats so I’m interested to see how you get on.
When you find some could you share your findings here please?

Good luck.

The seats I have a fine and in good condition - and they are leather (I think) but just not good leather and they look… very basic. I just want something that looks more luxurious.

Plus I’d like to keep the seats in good condition underneath.

I like the look of the covers that Ultra Car Mats do (if they actually are as good as their marketing) - but they don’t do them for the MX-5.

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try this website carseatcoversdirect they do them for the nd. I got the cheap leather in my nd I have always wondered if it is actually leather