Leather seats creaking on bulkhead - solved!

I’m 6’2", so I have to have the seat all the way back in my ND2. Like other taller drivers have reported, this means the leather seats have a tendency to rub against the bulkhead and create an annoying creaking noise.

I was considering lining the bulkhead with a thin felt material, but I tried something simpler first, which has worked a treat… Beeswax. I have some of the clear stuff that comes in tins from outdoor supplies shops. I use it on my walking boots, to protect and waterproof the leather. Apply a couple of thin layers to the backs of the seats, and also a bit to the bulkhead. You can’t see it, it’s totally invisible. And the seats are now blissfully silent.


Such a frustrating noise. Great solution!

Worked a treat, thanks for the suggestion.

It’s quite surprising just how much it does work! I think Mazda should give away a little tin of beeswax to all taller MX-5 buyers. :laughing: