Led gear knob

  1. My model of MX-5 is: nc
  2. I’m based near: essex
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: gear knob!
    Recently got an LED gear knob and the instructions make it seem that the whole dash has to come out to wire it in, has anyone else fotted one that maybe has some advice or helpful tips?

I have an ICT illuminated gearknob which is wired into the loom under the centre console with extra connections so that I can undo those when spinning on/off the knob when you need to go back in for any reason (as I’ve just done for a shifter upgrade). Wish I’d seen this an hour ago as I’ve just put everything back together and could have taken some pics for you.

Hi, I looked at one of these for mine before remembering that I never drive it at night.
Yes you did have to take the centre console and radio out to connect it so that it connects into the circuit that dims with the other interior lights.
I think they are pretty easy to do though and some you tube videos I am sure.
I also read of someone just connecting in to the window switch illumination which worked but is always on full power.
Hope that helps.

Thank you! I have do it to the cigarette lighter sp its full power all the time but it glows lovely!

Just because it’s easy enough to do…I whipped the console back off to show you how mine is wired. You really don’t need to take the radio out as this is much easier and you don’t need the dimming facility anyway. Shows the two connections that make it easy to take off the gear knob if needs be.
Hope this helps… :+1: