LED Head and Side Light Upgrade for NC


Anyone any comments on LED upgrades for head and side lights for a NC. Am about to remove the bumper to change headlights (lenses dull), so why not consider the upgrade, but thought it best to ask first. Thank you.

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led headlamp bulbs as an upgrade are an mot fail.
I have swapped my sidelights to led and they are great, lovely and sparkly.
I have also converted my foglamps to led running lights, simply by swapping to bright led bulbs. The car now has much improved road presence.
Headlamps respond very well to simple polishing.
Metal polish or t cut will work well
No need at all to replace them


Great thanks for the info, surprised about mot fail but will stick with sides and fog lamps. I’ve tried cleaning lenses, and found toothpaste works well, then t cut. Going to change anyway as one has a scuff in the lense and it won’t go. Thanks again, really helpful

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I’ve found these DRLs a great lighting upgrade on my NC2 in addition to LED side lights.

Thanks Dugwash, am thinking about these as well, but trying to sort the headlamps first. Much appreciated.

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Has anyone managed to use the daytime driving light kit for the NC2 on a NC3.75? Officially they not compatible does anyone know why? The 3.75 kit is prohibitively expensive .

I replaced my front side lights with LED and they make such a difference. I was told to ensure that they are Canbus Error Free bulbs (whatever that means). I don’t know if the NC requires them but the ones I bought were described as such.


Thanks Capt, I will go ahead with the side lights, indeed have seen them advertised as canbus free. Still not sure why headlights can’t be led when they are being sold. Much appreciated.

These work well

Bring the lense back to life

See here :~ Are Aftermarket LED Bulbs Road Legal? | Will They Pass An MOT? : Automotive News by ABD.co.uk

NB The post January '21 MOT Inspection Manual update.

Great thanks for this, very useful. Much appreciated.

ABD are a great source of led bulbs.
I put bright leds in my reversing lights as well.
What a difference…


Much appreciated, I will look them up.

I am running Osram Nightbreakers Halogen (Non LED) +150%. ECE approved and road legal in the UK. Made a big difference to the standard halogen


Many thanks sparky, I’ll look them up. Don’t want to fall foul by fitting LEDs if they are not road legal

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Yep, Osram Nightbreakers are the best of the halogen headlights, not white as leds but much more useable light on the road. You can fit led bulbs in side lights but they will look odd with yellow headlights on at the same time, I didn’t bother with them and just fitted Nightbreakers.

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Hi just reading your blog on changing the fog lights to day running ones, I would like to do the same on my NC - is there a separate fuse for the fog lights? So you could piggyback fuse to a ignition active one?

Wiper Fuse is a good candidate


Tbh I have never worried about it.
I tend to keep the fogs, now running lights, switched on, so they switch on and off along with the sidelights.
The car bongs at you if you open the door with sny lights on but I do have to remember to switch the running lights off in the dark and using headlights.
Theres’ a bright warning light for the fogs, so no problem really

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Cheers thanks for that info, so on the wiring did you go through the back of the fuse box to switch to an ignition live fuse?

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