Lidl are selling thermometers


Lidl are selling a thermometer that measures interior and exterior temps, for only £2.99.

Has a 3m lead with sensor for outside temps. Ideal for us mx5 owners that don’t have temp gauges. It runs on a aa battery - that being the only downside. Now need to work out where to run the outside sensor to


surely you don’t need one of these?


surely looking out the window to see if its raining or not is enough!!

Don’t think I’ll bother.

I’ve always had them on previous cars, and its something I miss. Its useful to know when the temp it low, especially as our cars are tail happy

Bought one of these 12 months ago and it is still going strong.

Sits on top of the centre console with double sided tape and I routed the cable down to the passenger sill where there was a convenient hole behind the trim panel.

Nice to see how much warmer it is inside than out. 

Thanks for the info. Many of us on here have older cars that do not even have a clock so this could be a useful and inexpensive addition.


I bought one yesterday.  I don’t know if the Mk 2.5 is the same as the Mk 1 in this respect but do you have some photos or further description as to where you fed the external temp cable?