Lincolnshire Area events

Hi, I’m a new member to MX5 owners club, based in the Lincolnshire area….can any one tell me of any events, meets, runs etc that are happening this summer please? TIA

Welcome aboard Klair.
If you scroll down the forums there are area specific sub forums. There might be some info there? Could be worth a peep.
If I can find a link I’ll post it here.

Edit: Doh! You’re already here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The current person to speak to is Gabi Rowston I think :thinking:

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Thanks so much for your reply…. I actually managed to find an email address for Gabi, and she has kindly replied…Looking forward to meeting up as I really enjoyed Elvington. I’ve had my MX5 for 14 years but only just become a member :slightly_smiling_face:


hi, klair,
do you know if the monthly meet is still on?
next Wednesday, the 27 730 till 10 pm @ The Woodcocks Inn, Saxilby Rd, Burton Waters, Lincoln LN1 2BE, UK.

just trying to check as I’m new to the club and have never attended any meet and it would suck to drive over to Lincoln and find out it’s been canceled because of covid.
thanks, thibor

I haven’t managed to ever get to one, but in case you don’t get an answer I checked and it is still mentioned in the magazine, if you want you could also try emailing:

I can also tell you that before the pandemic there used to be an additional Lincolnshire Branch Newsletter included with the STHT magazine detailing past and future events etc. but this has yet to return.

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thanks, mate.
I sent them an email on the 14th of this month but have not heard anything back yet.
I think I shall try giving woodcock’s inn a call and find out if the event is still booked in.

just gave the pub a call and it’s still on! :smiley:

Hi Thibor, sorry to not reply sooner…as far as I’m aware the meet is still on. I’m going so look forward to meeting you. It will be my first meet too. Klair

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no worries duck.
see you there!

Hi I am not sure that the meeting is held at The Woodcocks we have been for the last two months (Jan & Feb 2022) not a MX5 in sight or anyone answering to any knowledge of the club. I read somewhere that Gabi has resigned if so it might be a good idea to change the Lincolnshire page on the OC site so others do not make a wasted journey. Good luck

Hi Kris, Gabi has resigned as AC but Simon Peck is the joint AC but up to now I’ve seen no input from him as of yet.

Did you receive email from Lincs on the 21st January outlining the January meeting was cancelled and it was to be Gabi’s farewell meeting ?

We are endeavouring to enrol a volunteer to take over from Gabi but you are correct regarding website info on meetings and prob a lapse on my side to make a statement on the Lincs web page.
I will update the website this evening and must apologise for any inconvenience.

Paul McKay
Area Coordinator Liaison

Just looked at your profile Kris and your not a club member so unfortunately you would not get club emails from Lincs AC.

I’ve been a member since 2016~ and never received any Lincs. emails, though I may not have subscribed to them in the members profile before the start of 2020.

This is why I was querying whether there was an issue with the profile page, since the reply I got is what I’d already done to subscribe previously:

I’d originally thought maybe there just weren’t any due to covid etc. but as you mention an email I should have got in January (and didn’t, and I am a club member) then clearly something’s not quite right :slight_smile:

Just to say, I do receieve regular emails from the forum notification systems etc. just not area ones.

Hi Kris, could you please contact membership on with your query, they shall look into why you are not receiving area emails.