Links to some Pictures of the Spring Rally

Did any one take any pics of this German Mk 2/2.5 at the rally. This is the only one I managed to get ( It was on the pump prior to going to the show field ) Unfotunatley my camera went on the blink.

I would appreciate any further info/pics on this 5



Just this one Paul.


Thanks to all those hard working members who put themselves forward to organise this rally.

A few of us made the trip up from Norfolk and spent the week touring round.

These pictures sum up what a brilliant week we had.

Many thanks from the Norfolk Five’s 


extra info - its a modified “10th anniversary” - all graphics are on self adhiesive sheets which cover the original paint work. (like the chrome look mx-5)

have no details on Mazdaspeed bodykit and other mods etc…???