List of Traders Attending?

Is there a definitive list of traders that will be attending? 


Just want to check as I am in the market for some bits and don’t want to miss a bargain on the day

Here you go…

Ragley Hall 2018 traders list

That is last years list

This years is confirmed this weekend - sadly the same as ever with some traders waiting unit the last moment to confirm.

The page content is misleading then isn’t it? - perhaps it requires updating to avoid confusion/disappointment.



That page is hidden and not accessible through website navigation.

Someone has managed to link it in from last year

I don’t think so Iain.

Trying to help a member i simply typed ‘2018 mx5 national rally traders list’ into google and selected the 4th item down on this list.

The caption and detail convinced me:-)


On a side note, went to home page, clicked on events>rallies> national rally, lo and behold, a very nice picture of my old mk1 on the competitions section, next to Ian Cummins blue mk1  

Do agree though, the link rhino provided (ever helpful) clearly states 2018 Ragley Hall, with an extensive list of traders. Perhaps it was a “provisional” link? 


Blimey, look what I’ve started here!


Hi Yak and others that may be interested.

The link of traders I posted 4 days ago has now been updated, so can now be relied upon:-)

Also can now be accessed directly from the website. 

Looks like my wallet is going to be taking a kicking then