Local service North Yorkshire?

I am moving to North Yorkshire, Northallerton area, and wondered where everyone takes their 5 for service? CBS and others are over 1 hour away, anything nearer?



Hi Ian, I live just outside of  Northallerton and I take my cars for its MOT to AUTO TEST  84, High Street  Northallerton .They are behind where the main Taxi rank is but, you have to drive in to them by going around to the back of where they are . I have had good reports about their servicing etc but as I do all my own servicing and repairs etc I can’t comment about MX5s they may have done. They are a very fair and trustworthy company as far as I am concerned and would recommend them for any car to be taken there and they don’t charge the earth for MOTs either.

I would keep away from Main dealerships of any car maker as they charge far too much money for repairs, as I have found to my cost on my other every day car.

Google them and you get pictures to show you where they are.

Thank you, I will check them out. Currently the car is in storage until we move, hopefully in early April, but it needs the rear calipers sorting out. OSR is sticking, nearly got stuck in the garage after a holiday.