Lock replacement


I have a 1992 Eunos V-Spec i recently acquired at an action for my first car but it only came with 1 key, which doesnt work for anything but the ignition. I would ideally like to have 1 key for everything rather than multiple so im unsure on what would be best. Ive had the door locks replaced but it resulted in 4 total keys 2 for each side.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Might be worth contacting Autolink. They are advertising NB lock sets but may have NA ones if you ask.

The issue i have is that i dont want to have individual keys for every different lock in the car but rather just one, would their lockset help with that or would it be better to find someone parting out an mx5 for that?

You ‘d have to check but my assumption with the lock sets advertised were they utilised just one key.

Edit, the descriptions do say matching key., singlular.

Yea im thinking im gonna have to have to contact mazda about a set of keys to the vin number or getting the locks repinned for a single key, cause ideally i dont want to be using a full rack of keys for the car lol