Lockdown brew

Been a long week, thought I’d share my brew of choice to ease me into the weekend…

Other brews are available…


Introduced to me by my son and now a firm favourite…cheers.:beers:

…brew my own now, 40 pints for £12…(+ one bag of sugar and 2.5 hours work), only come across 1 beer that is better…and for the life of me I can’t remember what it was…!!!

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Good choice! (I’m in the heart of BrewDog land with a bar a mile away - and still open).

:+1: I used to brew my own as well , I kept it in a pressurised barrel in the shed, had a few failures to start with but once I got the hang of it, nothing tasted better , nice, clear and amber bitter, but virtualy became an alcoholic staggering back and forth from the shed with a glass jug , :grin: my fermenting bin and plastic barrel went a few years ago so haven’t brewed anything for ages now :neutral_face:


I have two of these pumps,

Have them in the garden bar, 2 litre kegs, it’s not the cheapest way to buy beer but it serves it perfectly! Great choice but they’re not all in stock at any one time. I buy 8 kegs (16 litres) at a time with free delivery, works out at roughly £2.70 a pint :+1: don’t really have a favourite but I do like the German wheat beers!


Know what you mean BTDT :rofl::rofl: