Locked out

Hi folks

I have a 56 plate NC and accidentally locked my keys in the boot the other day (it’s an age thing) on a day away. Phoned Green Flag who got someone round, asked if there was an internal boot release switch (yes) and fairly easily broke in. The boot release button didn’t work however as the immobiliser system duly kicked in and set off the alarm.


After an hour of trying to bypass the system he phoned an auto locksmith who came round and swiftly picked the lock and opened the boot to retrieve the key.  After another hour of poking about, they managed to get the car started and lights/indicators etc working and able to drive home.


Remote functions on the key fob no longer work (manual key locking/opening now) and internal lights/radio not working with the added bonus of an engine warning light and traction control light now on.


Is a fairly straightforward system reset possible at a Mazda dealership or is there a reboot I can do myself?

Don’t want to scare you but friends did similar 3 or 4 years ago and after an AA guy got the car open they found many of the things you have mentioned including management light on.

It was investigated by a main dealer and they found that the AA guy back feed the electrics from under bonnet fuse box in an effort to power up a switch in the car to help gaining access. This unfortunately burnt out a wire in the wiring loom and caused a large bill for the AA.

My advice would be to check all the fuses and if they are ok, get it straight in to a main dealer ASAP and phone Green Flag customer relations department to put them in the picture of what has happened.


My friend’s bill was including a hire car for 7 weeks around £3,500  

Good Luck, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.


Cheers Richard
The Green Flag guy did hook up some form of device under the bonnet via the battery to cables under the steering column and we was also in the fuse box. There are no MX5 specialists near me however will contact local Mazda dealer and then Green Flag thereafter.

Thought I’d update you Richard. After a small wait, managed to get the MX5 into a local Mazda garage and they’ve successfully reset all 11 (eleven) problems caused by the Green Flag hammer mechanic - Engine management warning light, Traction Control Warning Light, Traction Control itself down, Radio down, lights-on Warning buzzer down, internal lights not working, boot light not working, Engine start up problematic, engine tick over now down, Fuse Box interfered with, both remote key fobs not working.

Garage bill of £650 paid this afternoon. Complaint logged at time of incident with Green Flag and the ball is now in their court for reimbursement payment.

Cheers for the heads-up.


Thanks Mark, lets hope Green Flag do the honourable thing, then you can get back to enjoying the car.


Terribly pleasant chap from Green Flag Customer Services just off the phone delighted to inform me they’ll be reimbursing me for full amount + small goodwill payment. All good, plus they’ll be rolling out general advice to their mechanic partners NOT to break-in to cars for this type of thing.

That good news. :+1: