Long termer new for use and preservation

So…after much reflection (forgive the pun) I’ve decided to go for a new MX5. It will be regularly used but kept for 20 years or so. 2 questions for advice from seasoned owners:

  1. Underseal: do I get it done even though it’s brand new?
  2. What typical areas would warrant protection from chipping & do I get them ppf’d?

Thank you!

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  1. YES
  2. ALL OF IT (underside and internal box structures)

As for the Pension Protection Fund that is up to you. Seriously the paint WILL chip easily so if you can afford it then all the front facing areas including mirrors and windscreen surround.

Yes to corrosion protection. New/newish is the best time to do it as there shouldn’t be any existing rust to treat.
I’m having mine done when the weather warms up a bit as the protection fluid / waxy stuff has more chance of wicking into all of the crevices and joints between panels.
As to ppf, I’m not bothering. Inevitably the front will be most affected by stones, which is easy to get off for a respray further down the line.
Just enjoy your new car, and don’t tailgate😁.

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Everyone has their favourite method but definitely get some rustproofing done, I am currently proofing my 11 year old NC, which has spent over 8 years in my nice dry garage with no wet wether use. Despite this it has quite a bit of surface rust underneath, but fortunately just surface rust.
The most alarming thing for me was how bad the underseal was, completely absent from many areas, and where it was it was applied it is so thin that corrosion had started on the edge of seems and tracked below the underseal.
Once I finish treating and painting the areas I will be using Lanoguard for the protection.
It is not a fit and forget system like some, it requires doing every year or so, but is a thin fluid that can be hand sprayed on everything, metal, rubber, electrics, in box sections, even the exhaust (cooler areas) and it drys to a waxy coat a bit like a candle.
I can’t vouch for it yet but there are a lot of good write ups on it and I wanted to avoid any gloopy underseal.
It’s a natural product made from lanolin found in sheep wool, I have never seen a rusty sheep :grin:


Is it going to be an all year around car or just a summer fun car?

Problem with PPF is it’s seriously expensive, probably well over £1k to do the front of a car.

From my 3 year old, 14k miles, its the bonnet, front wings and bumper that have chipped, previous owner, not me lol!

If you needed to keep the budget down, probably the bonnet would benefit most from PPF.

If you are a DIYer a few cans of Bilt Hamber Dynax clear and you could rustproof fairly effectively yourself. It has a long probe for getting into box sections.

On a new car that you’ll keep for a long time then absolutely get it sealed and paint protection filmed. Yes its a costly job but it’s one that will pay for itself in how much nicer the car will be in 5 to 10 years.

If you like to keep your car shiny you’ll save a fortune in time or money spent on paint correction, waxes, DA polisher pads, stone chip repair and worry.

PPF isn’t invincible though, you do have to maintain it and use safe wash techniques. Some even ceramic coat PPF.

Lots of videos on YouTube about cars with PPF put through a machine car wash or £5 wash and the PPF surface gets scratched and has to be machine polished.

I’m not sure it’s worth it on a summer fun car that only does a few thousand a year, a good ceramic coating would keep it looking good.

Yes if a car is driven all year around, through winter and on motorways etc, then PPF will protect it well from chipping and pollutants and be worth it.

Also not worth it if it’s only being kept for 2 or 3 years, you won’t get your money’s worth.