Looking at a 1.8 Sport Svt

Hi, I’m in talks with a dealership in the north east about YY54EEV, a lovely looking 2.5 Svt sport.
Does anyone know they car or the previous owner? Dealer says they sold due to illness. I’m really interested in the history, and the integrity of the dealer too to be honest before I pay what is a little over the odds, but it is a low mileage example, albeit with some nasty sounds in rust issues underneath according to the MOT history.
Any help appreciated. Thanks

Did they explain why it passed an “MOT” in March, and failed ( handbrake) another MOT this April…without DVLA evidence of another “Pass”? What triggered a back to back MOT?
TBH, it’s visible history sucks. It all points to an outside spare/fun car not well maintained for most of it’s life.
I think you’d need to get it hoisted on a 2 poster and do a vigorous nose to tail chassis examination.
Look especially at the allegedly " Dangerous cracked" front subframe of a previous MOT…which seems to become corroded…just…but not weakened.
Something smells…but I’m a supreme cynic.
Try and post some photos here.

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I gave up looking at the MOT history any further back than 2016, for a 38k mileage car, two words ‘basket case’

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Hmm yes, I do agree. Thanks for the comments.

Possibly, the warnings are all there aren’t they…!

Yes, sorry to disappoint.

MOT histories speak volumes, the odd brake/tyre problems can be solved, even suspension and steering joints etc but when the repeated rust failures or advisories keep popping up its time to look elsewhere.

That was all a bit horrid from me Mike…but you did ask!
Hopefully just as well too.

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£5500 seems crazy high price for that car. Even if it had good MOT and bodywork I would not be paying anywhere close to that.
That model also only covered 4325 miles in 8 years, 540 miles a year!
That can be good or bad but to me I think you get more issues with cars doing low mileage vs ones used often.

Don’t be drawn in to thinking that dealers = less chance to get scam. (not saying you did but just a heads up)
They are liable for 30 days after purchase but that can mean you still have to take them to court etc it can take months.
Used car dealers are often the biggest scammers in the market.

Also the sport is cool I guess but the 6 speed in the MK2s is not anywhere near as smooth as the 5 speed, at least in my experience.

Good luck anyway.

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Thanks for the wisdom, I really do appreciate the replies, thats why I asked :slight_smile:
Cheers one and all.

Dealers are liable for faults that develop for 6 months from sale.
Most try and fob you off by saying 3 months, but can be extended to 6/12 whatever, at a cost. It’s all BS. If you want a warranty buy elsewhere after the 6 months is up, it’s usually cheaper.
Personally I would look at what comes up for sale on here as you’re more likely to get a decent car that’s up together, unlike the shed you posted.

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