Looking for a damaged 1.8


I have a 2005 1.6 Icon, im looking to buy an accident damaged 1.8 from copart as it seems the most cost effective way to get a 1.8 and all the useful goodies like a LSD.

I know some of the models that had a LSD, euphonic, and sports, but there were also others.

Is there a reliable way to find out if a car had a LSD, wihtout being able to view the car?

Copart puts up the VIN of all their cars, is there a mazda database to lookup the factory specs of a car from its VIN number?


Depending on where you are located, it maybe easier to get the parts from one of the MX5 specialists who are breaking cars on a regular basis.

Just a thought.

How does one access it?

There are a few breakers about but my 1.6 is using oil and the open diff is a bit unfun. Getting a full car is a far more fun way to see how these come apart and there is a full cars worth of spares.


Massive waste of effort and time kid305.

Sell the 1.6 and seek out a good 1.8 SVT sport, simples.

Too many reasons for a detailed explanation but as I have no vested reason to give you this advice and it is genuine and honest I expect you to take the patronising on the chin for freeSmile 


The 1.6 my dad paid to have it fully resprayed so it has a good body, im planning on doing quite a few mods to the car so it doesnt really matter what driveline it began with at the start this car is just a shell, as such any thoughts of being financially sensible flew out the window long ago haha.

It would just be very helpful to know if is possible to search a mazda database with vin numbers from copart to see what car on the listing has what goodies installed in it.