Looking for a Mk4/ND Convertible

I’m looking for a used Mk4/ND convertible.

My preference is for ND2 with the updated 2.0 engine but will also consider earlier cars inc. 1.5.

Sport/Sport Tech, special editions based on those or possibly 1.5 Icon hold most interest.

Hoping that here could be a source of a good cherished car! Thanks in advance.

What’s your budget/area?

I’m considering a new one if can’t find a good used car I’m happy with. As always I think either a lightly used newish one or 3-5 years old would both be good for me. Will be a 2nd car.

Based in Rutland but happy to travel for the right car (and have a history of doing so which friends and family are mystified by!)


Worth giving this MX5 specialist a ring based near Saffron Waldon. Always has low mileage motors in stock. It takes a few seconds for the website / photographs to load.

MAZDA MX5’s FOR SALE – Prestige Vehicle Consultants

I have a 1.5 ceramic white with body kit that is in fantastic condition £9995
Paul 07770 566599

Sent message thanks Paul.

1954: Thanks for the link - some lovely cars there too.

Still looking.

I have just bought a car from PVC. The quality and presentation of the cars is very good. No pressure selling!

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I’m in Surrey and I put a for sale sign in the window of mine, Sep 19 reg, 2500m, 2.0 GT Sport Nav+ in Snowflake White, for Autotrader’s suggested £21,350 starting point.
It was a prereg and while I bought it in Jan20 as an intended keeper, change in circumstances means I’m not using it as much as I’d planned to. My head says “sell”, my heart says “keep”, so I can’t yet take the plunge and advertise it!

I bought my 2018 ND2 2 Litre last July - I knew back then it wouldn’t be used much as I’m not working, so no daily commute… Mine is a toy and a fun way to go down the supermarket a couple of times a week… ! :smile: If I’d listened to my head last July I’d never have bought it… but thankfully my heart won out…!


pmba - thank you for posting details, what is the interior colour please? I should probably add that I’m not keen on sand interior and guessing yours might be from looking at an old catalogue I have?

CeramicMX5ND2 - Great move and choice! Now kicking myself for not buying a new discounted 30th Anniversary when my local dealer had one available that I saw when took my wife’s car in for service late 2019…oh well!

Thanks ados… There are a couple of 30AE’s about, with prices to match…! I thought about getting a 30AE myself, but I wasn’t sure about the colour and they were the wrong side of £20k for me… Mine has black leather and red stitching inside…

It is indeed Sand leather. Wouldn’t have been my choice either, but has grown on me. The Recaro seats on the AE30 or the older Sport Recaro model look fantastic if you can find one of those.

Mine came from PVC as well and as you say, all nicely presented cars and no pressure to buy at all. The car sold itself.