Looking for a rear wheel

I am struggling to find a wheel for my 1997 mk 1.6 Mazda mx5. I am based near Chester. I’ve been to Scrapyard’s and there is nothing. Is there any alternative type of wheel? Thank you.

Good morning,
You have not put in any information about what type of wheel you are looking for. There steel wheels or alloy wheels in a number of different designs and sizes.
Search the various specialist MX5 sellers of second hand parts. You need to find the same type of wheel as the other 3 to keep your MX5 looking good.

Alternatively, you could buy a set of four, perhaps from someone who has “upgraded” their wheels

A picture would be good.
We have a breaker local to us (PM Sports Cars) look them up on the web but they’d need a picture to go on I guess. In South Derbyshire, I guess they could courier it to you if they have one.

Try Carl @cbs in Nelson

There’s a set of 4 Daisy type wheels for sale in the for sale section.
Perfect for a mark 1 and complete with tyres for 100.00

Thanks for passing on Add full set with centre caps