Looking for Essex Mazda Mechanic - Leigh On Sea

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a Mazda mechanic close to Leigh on Sea in the Essex area. I am hoping to find someone that might be willing to come and look at an mk2 I’d like to purchase. An expert eye for 30 minutes. I saw from a previous post (Dec’ 2017) people had recommended a great sounding mechanic at the Bulphan Service Station. Thank you I have tried him and left a message. Any other comments or local recommendations would be very much appreciated. Thank you for reading this. Kate

Info from Dec '17 post:

There’s a mechanic south of the area you want at Bulphan Service Station, RM14 3SS Bulphan. 01375 891418.

He’s a member of the North Thames area, owns a couple of 5’s and works for a reasonable rate. Well worth a call if it’s not too far.

His name is Allan.