Looking for Mk3 automatic

Hi, can anyone help in my search for an automatic Mk3, 2013 or newer.
I have a 2008 NC 2.0 manual but my quest is for a friend. He currently has a 2013 with manual gearbox (bought on my recommendation) but finds he now needs to change to automatic and is really looking for something in very good condition with low mileage. I appreciate that an automatic may not really be in the true spirit of MX5s but needs must as he loves everything else about it.
Tried the usual searches on Autotrader, etc but not yet found anything which is quite what he’s after.
Please message me if you have or know of any for sale which might fit the bill.

Not 2013 onwards but looks like a good - car at Mazda dealership in Kent. MOT History looks good with no record of corrosion.


Thank you for that. Certainly looks ok so I’ll pass the info on to my friend though suspect he will really want something quite a bit newer.
Thanks again

No problem at all. Hope he finds what he wants.

Wouldn’t worry about where they are, as you say like rocking horse manure.
Both look good though.
Second one looks like a bargain?

2011(Private plate by the looks of it) with 23604 miles. £12495.

2014 with 14500 miles (Private sale). £11995

Thanks for the info. The 2014 one looks quite good and he may have already seen that as I know he did look on motors.co.uk but if it’s recent addition probably been missed.
With lockdown which is now affecting us all, will likely have to wait until we’re out of it before actually going to see anything but continuing to search on websites.

Hello kirkyboy
Try Prestige Vehicle Consultants Essex 01799 543017

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Just spoken to Paul at PVC, nothing at the moment and also said rare as rocking horse poo. Will contact me if anything turns up.

Thanks Keith


There is now a 09 auto pvc trading looks nice in the photos but price may be high?

Thanks for that, I had an email to let me know he was getting that in and I agree, looks nice but price is a bit high and really after something a little newer.

There are 2 automatics on here, select your choice lowest price first…