Looking for MX5 friendly garage Cheshire

Hi Guys,
Looking for a decent garage to look after my 5’s.
Any help gratefully received?
Best Wishes
Andy Northwich f

A little way to travel, but C&S Haynes are an excellent choice, owned by club members with a wealth of knowledge and know how precious these cars are to their owners, they’re based in Newcastle under Lyme


Mark Evans @ Penrhyn Service station Rhos-on-sea, he’s an MX-5 specialist.

Thanks folks, I am based in Northwich, so I might check out the guys in Newcastle. I don’t mind travelling if service is good!

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Depending on what you need @BLiNK_Motorsport (https://www.blinkmotorsport.com/) might be able to help you out, based in Winsford

Echo for Blink Motorsport. Totally great guys

Hi Andy, it depends on what you are after.

I also live in Northwich and I got Wincham Autos (01606 44488) - near to where the old Renault garage used to be (Wincham avenue) - 2nd building on the left) - to do some servicing/brakes and welding on my NA - there is a MOT station next door that also does painting etc.

I would say he is excellent for general work and I have used him for other cars too. As a “general mechanic”, he is excellent and should not overcharge.

My daughter had an issue with her Polo and he told me the exact part I needed, told me I should get it from e-bay as it would be cheaper and then fitted it when I got it.

I am getting a new ND from Christopher Neil and I have used them quite a bit for “new” cars…but would not use them for older cars as they are more expensive, but very good for a dealership.

Hi Snelly,
That’s great to hear! I have to 5’s 1x NB 2000 Icon and 1x ND 2016. The best garage I have used in the past is on the Wirral; Montador Motors is a bit far for me to travel so will give your guys a call soon!
Hope you enjoy your ND!
Good selection NA and ND, mind you I don"t think Mazda have produced a bad MX5 model? They have all been good!

Best Wishes

Oakmere Mazda, Manchester Rd, Northwich have been pretty good for me.

I am getting my new ND from them - 2 weeks to wait! I will be using them for servicing whilst in warranty. However outside of warranty I am not sure. My sons car (a Vauxhall Corsa) is 8 years old and I took it to Wincham autos for a full service and MOT. All in was £275, which seemed good for a “major” service.

I’ve had two service and MoT’s done by them so far and they have been competitive on pricing and were nice to deal with. So suggest you see how it goes with your new ND. The other thing I like about them, is they seem to be sports car enthusiasts.

I would agree that they are certainly very friendly and fair. I am just getting rid of a Golf GTi and they did the servicing - always great service and not too expensive (for a main dealer).

Its great to spend time in their showroom too, with the Lotus, Morgan and Caterham cars…

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I found Oakmere very good when it comes to their parts service, friendly, efficient and competitive on price. Nice to browse the Lotus and Morgans on offer too! I Might consider them for a service as they’ll hopefully update the Mazda e-service record for my ND.

They called me today, as my new ND has just arrived and I am picking it up on Thursday!!! Have been very helpful as far as I am concerned, will probably use them all the time for the ND even if I keep it beyond the warranty period.