Looking for passenger seat belt - NC

Anyone help please. Cheers.

Whereabouts are you?

Cheshire, so not far away from you.

What I was going to advise there’s a breaker here in the East Midlands, you could give them a try.


What’s wrong with your seatbelt, worn, broken completely or just slow to retract?

Both are slow to retract, but the passenger one, despite passing its MOT somehow has a chunk out of it so I need to replace the belt, but may as well replace the whole seatbelt mechanism .

Give the company a ring rather than browse the website, they’ll be able to say if they have any.:+1:

May be of use? :slightly_smiling_face:

and a pair if you want them, reading he has a couple of sets.

The pair I did consider, wondering if i could find cheaper. But may have to lump it and buy the pair, £95 aint that bad really.

Just a thought. :thinking:
Have a chat with Rodders Motorsport.
Perhaps BBR too.
He/they are always preparing race cars and would take the seat belts out and replace them with harnesses.

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I’m on the hunt for a faulty seatbelt, as I have a theoretical repair for the lazy retraction.
Shame that we are not a tad closer, getting hold of your faulty one could have been beneficial to all of us if my fix theory works.

Having said that, if you are attempting to replace the belt yourself, then this is an indication to me that you’re capable, and maybe I could share my theory with you, and you could attempt my fix instead and share the results/photos… ??

I couldnt do it myself, but i have someone who can do it form me for a fee. Where are you based?


Keat63, i have the new seatbelt fitted, found one for £33 on Ebay and all sorted. I still have the damaged one, which is the belt itself has a cut in it. If you want I guess, I could somehow get it over to you. No idea how much it would cost to send, but the seatbelt would be free to you ofc as it will only go in the bin.