Looking for recommendations in Shrewsbury for Undersealing

Hi All
I’m really struggling to get a good underseal company in Shrewsbury or nearby for new MX5. Any suggestions would be really appreciated…I’m wanting a top notch job on a ‘forever’ car. Thank you!!

Found this on Google

No idea if they are any good mind you.

Are you using it in the winter?

If not an ND isn’t going to deteriorate for years with just summer use.

It’s pretty easy to do it yourself with some spray waxoyl or Bilt Hamber dynax or lanoguard. Just jack up a corner at a time, wheel off, take the wheel arch liner out and spray the product, let it dry then reassemble.
Also spray some under the sills and up under the front of the rear suspension where the factory black finish goes back to grey primer.

Thanks. I’ll have a look. Just thought it worth getting done professionally. I may well end up doing it myself - finding someone good is tough! Thanks again.

Yes it can be difficult.

It’s satisfying to do yourself, and you get to know your car.

Summertime is best as the products flow better when warm.

Plenty of YouTube videos about it.

In my opinion the Bilt Hamber clear product is good for cavities and open surfaces.

Krown rust protection in Tipton did a great job on my NA. I was very happy with the results. Its not Shrewsbury but its not far from you if you jump on the M54.

2nd vote for Krown.

They did our NC :+1:

Thanks Desert & Peabody - I’ve heard other reports that Krown product deteriorates the rubber (headlights, bushes, door handle seals etc) on contact. Have you come across that? It seems Google shows a couple of forums where it has been pretty bad?

No problems at present, but it’s only been on 12 months or so.

I suppose its only a question I could answer in a few years time.

I’m sure there will always be scare stories for any product.

Give then a ring and ask them a few questions. Might give you some piece of mind.

I’m booked into Krown next Tuesday, he is charging me approx £260 for the rust protection on my NC. I rang them about 6 weeks ago on this was the first date he had.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I might just do that. Thanks

FYI - this is what worries me…

Krown rustproofing - collateral damage | IH8MUD Forum

No complaints from me but then again its only been 10 months or so and the car has been dry stored mostly since being done. I found the guy at Krown to be accommodating, easy to talk to and thorough with the way he took the car apart and photo documented the whole process. As D&P suggests perhaps give them a call and have a chat if you are seriously considering them.

Many thanks. I called yesterday; as you say very easy to talk to. He did say he was aware of this and that yes, as an oil based product it will go for rubber but he is very careful to avoid this. I suppose the risk you take if using Krown is whether that is entirely possible. Other than the couple of mentions I posted I haven’t come across any negative feedback on Krown

Spoke to and visited Billcar…very impressive. Their solution is rubber based (Innotec).