Looking for some local recommendations


I’ve just bought a 2013 mk3.75 roadster from the mainland after taking a bit of a punt on a slightly scruffy, high-mileage example (albeit with FMSH).  I may have bought a pig-in-a-poke, but so far no major concerns after driving from London to Cairnryan.

The car needs a bit of a tidy-up, including a few chips and scratches on the paintwork (copper red mica), some curb damage on the alloys, and it could do with a good valet.  I’d also like to get it checked over mechanically.

Anyone able to recommend any of the following in the Ards/North Down/Belfast area:

  • specialist MX-5 independent mechanic
  • paint shop (minor touch-up)
  • alloy refurb
Thanks in advance,



Wow, 7 days and no replies,

For body shop for body repairs there is Mark Johnston @ NI accident management in Moneyreagh, haven’t used them myself but have seen their work on my friends Berkeley and on Ian Cummins Bluebird.





Apologies for the lack of responses, but I don’t use the forum very often. Davy Cousins in Portavogie does a lot of mechanical work on these cars and is a good source of second hand parts. He was a club member at one time and can be contacted on 07955870274.

For paintwork I have used Phil Egan 07814370485 or 02891452647 He works from his home in Bangor and is very reasonable. He resprayed one side and the front a rear bumpers on my MK3 and did a really good job - you can see it anytime if you want - ring me on 07427665331. If it is just basic servicing brakes, oil/filter or MOT prep I could possibly help as I look after a few club members cars.

For 4 wheel suspension set up, tyres and exhausts etc, Street Racer between Bangor and Conlig are very good 02891274111 

Finally and I can not stress this enough - especially on the new purchase of a MK3, keep a very close watch on the oil level to see if it uses any oil. Some MK3’s do due to a faulty PCV valve and they can empty the sump very quickly ruining the engine. These cars do not tolerate a low oil level and it is critical to keep them topped up to the line at all times. I have seen a few ruined engines due to this and because second hand engines are expensive and in short supply, the car may not be viable to repair. A PCV valve is inexpensive but is tricky to fit and takes quite a bit of stripping to get at it, below the exhaust manifold, therefore cars can often be sold with this fault and can catch a new purchaser/owner unawares. Do not rely on the oil light coming on - by then it is too late and the damage has been done.