Hello (Yorkshire Ridings/North East members)

I am looking for the last owner of NX67XFB 2017 67 REG MAZDA MX5 MK4 RF SPORT IN SOUL RED

The mx5 has a MX5 OWNERS CLUB sticker in the windscreen the car has been serviced at SG PETCH DARLINGTON so I am assuming the last owner possibly lives in the area

If anyone knows who owned this mx5 could they possibly send me a message 

I am interested in finding out what happened in the accident and if they still have the spare key and handbook pack

I am currently in the process of repairing the mx5 and am considering keeping it for use by myself

Any information would be very much appreciated


Dave (Redcar)


I guess under the new GDPR regulations, it would be illegal for anyone to divulge this information.

Hopefully, the member concerned might visit the forum, or another club member might recognise who’s car it was.


Anything on the V5C ?

What about service receipts etc.


thanks for the reply to my message

GDPR regulations ? illegal ?? that’s ridiculous as for the v5 and receipts i haven’t got any thats why i would like to contact the last owner and why i have posted this message ?

the last owner was clearly a owners club member so someone must know who’s car it was unless they don’t use the forum



The Club can’t give you that information if it holds it, that’s the only data protection requirement potentially in play there’s nothing to stop private individuals whether club members or not sharing information directly with you if they know it.

If you can identify who the local area AC is and send them a PM they may be able to ask the previous owner if they know them personally to make contact with you.

Nope, that’s the law.

This is why the V5C no longer contains the previous owner’s name or address, and why dealers are no longer handing over service history documentation when they sell a car. Apparently it’s causing real issues in the classic car market, where the history and provenance of a classic can make a very significant difference to the value of a car.

thanks for the messages that’s why i have asked the members and not the club direct because i know they cant give any info out

the thing is they have taken peoples names and addresses off v5 documents but sometimes when a car comes in i open the glove box and there’s all the service history with the last owners name and address on !! seems to be a bit of a loop hole if they don’t want you to contact the last owner or anyone in fact its the same when i buy a car from a insurance company i am not allowed to know who i have actually bought it from to me that’s illegal in itself !!