Looking for!!!

 I was wondering if anyone knew the where abouts of my wifes old Mk1.

It was a white 1.8is with hardtop and reg M15 MXX.

She got rid of it in 1998ish.

It would be good to know if its still around as we had loads of fun it .



Just had a look on the “askmid” website and it’s listed as being insured so it’s a very good chance it’s still on the road.


 Thanks Martin.

It was a personalised reg so maybe that was sold off, but it would be good to know its still out there being enjoyed and the original car.


It came up with a 1.8 Mx5, 130bhp so it’s a good chance it’s the same car.

If you google “askmid” you can check for youself.

(askmid is a website so you can check if your own vehicle is on the motor insurers database. It can be handy to check if one of you old vehicles is on the road, even if not really allowed under the data protection act).

Happy hunting!!!Big Smile


nice to have met you at prescott martin.

Hi Mal, sorry to have to ask but where at Prescott did I see you? Saw so many people and I’m useless with names and faces Big Smile.



Your also useless at getting out of toilets in time, aren’t you Martin lol.

Thanks for the recommendation on the forum last night, much appreciated.


Hi Mal,

Thought that must’ve been you. It was the red Mk1 I remembered.

Good to meet you too!!! Waving

My memory is useless nowdays, old age and dementia creeping up. Over the hill at 39 and 10days!!! Big Smile



And Brian,

You can’t rush a bit of “quality” time in the loo, especially when there is so much good reading material in garage toilets (graffiti).

No problem with the recommendation, I’ll collect my commission on the sale when I next see you!! Big Smile.