Looking to buy an NB 2003, need an experienced eye

Hi I’m a new member.

I’m looking to buy an NB 2003. Seen what looks like one in very good shape near Stockport and would appreciate an experienced eye to come along and take a look at the car with me.

Any and all advice is appreciated!

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Just remember that batch year was fitted with the made-of-cheese LSD diff which has/had a reputation for shedding tabs off the mechanism. Does not mean to say your prospective purchase has by a long shot though.
Bar that, the condition of the general “tub” is everything including the hard to check engine bay chassis rails, and the rear wing arches & sills. " A little bit of rust bubbles"? No…that can herald expensive rot ready to erupt. Have a good look at the front & rear discs. They tell a good story often of caliper condition. And, check the bottoms of the front wings.
Bar that, it’s just the usual (long) list of buying an old car…service history etc etc.
And, ensure it’s started from cold. :wink:
If it’s cheap, much of this may not be of concern to you.

Proof of the important cambelt AND waterpump renewal is important. If no proofs, always a £250/300 negotiation point. And check the boot-light area for rot.

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