Loose side skirt on 2010 sport tech

Hi, I have just purchased my first MX5 2010 sport tech which is great fun. I have a few jobs to do on it. The side skirt on the passenger side behind the front wheel isn’t flush and sticks out about half an inch. Any ideas on what it could be, won’t push back in.

Could it be the fixing point on the sill cover itself has come away? I’ve had mine on and off and they are fragile. Without a good fix it won’t sit flush. If it’s loose can you pull away enough to see behind?

Great thanks I will have a look at the weekend.

same here 2012 kuro does anyone know what clips are required to replace the sill would like to get them before removal

I removed my side skirts recently and ordered the clips from the company below, see both links…
The sill slides off the bottom clips but first you need to ease the sill away from the top row of clips along the length of the sill. First remove the front and rear rivets from the sill before commencing. Once the top clips are free the the sill can be eased away from the body (door open) and slide along backwards on the bottom clips. With any luck the bottom clips will stay fixed to the lower body (inner sill) A little silicone spray may help the slide. :+1:
First link are the clips for along the top of the sill cover, these most definately break as you ease the sill from the body. You’ll need 10 per side, they are infact the same as the door card clips.
Second link are the bottom clips, you’ll need 5 per side. I found I didn’t break any of these, much more durable but just in case you do break some it won’t break the bank to order some.
Dealer prices for these clips are quite pricey I believe.

See also the diagram below, it shows the positions of the clips. Note you will have two separate clips at either end of the sill too, these can be reused as they are the press rivet type.


sill fasteners

Thank you clips ordered :grinning:

Hi Piggnick, I have just had the sill covers off my 2016 Icon and I removed the first side by prising the clips off as Mazda say you should and the bracket that is moulded to the cover that holds the top green clips snapped off and I had to araldite it back on, so when I did the other side I unclipped the wheel arch liner at the front and just tapped the sill cover towards the rear of the car and it just slides off, all the clips stayed in place on the car and with a small screwdriver pushed the lug on the sides of the green clips along the top and they came out but I left the grey lower ones in place. I purchased the clips from the same place as MickAP before I did the job, so I fitted new top clips onto the cover, slid the bottom back onto the original grey lower clips so now it’s all lined up and then just pushed the cover up and clipped the top ones in. This way was much easier than prising them away from the body. I read on miata.net how guys doing track days or just hitting large puddles had knocked them off, so after going the Mazda route and snapping the bracket off which maybe why yours is sticking out I decided to just tap it with the palm of my hand and it slid off really easily.

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Thank you for posting this easier way, if I have need to remove mine again I’ll slide them off as you did. :+1:
You’ve also described sliding the sill off towards the rear, I suggested sliding to the front, now corrected in my post you are correct.

Also see the picture I took when removing mine, the very rear part of the sill and the two highest clips shown left in postion are where the raised moulded brackets clip to. Yes I fractured one of those brackets and ended up glueing it back, luckily it held with some strong solvent cement I had handy.

Note the positions where the clips are located (holes)

Hi Mick, The Mazda manual I found online said to tape the rear wing above those two clips the put your removal tool in the top and prise against the wing where the tape is and this is what I did, it also said to pull the front away and it was this bracket that snapped off, but then it said to slide it to the rear but the two clips below the rear wing pulled through the brackets but I managed to straighten the slot out, so looking at it, I thought surely it can slide rearwards and that’s what I did although you have to catch it with your leg. If you watch one of the Grand Tours Hammond has an mk4 and races around a track in some desert location he hits something and it just slides the sill cover off, so remembering that I gave it a go. The way you did it is as Mazda say in their workshop manual, but what do they know. :wink:

Thanks for that👍
I was looking for rust behind them as I’d already got the arch liners off doing some undersealing. Hardly anything under there to report, mostly clean just slight paint bubbling. I still gave it a coat of Bilt Hamber paint before replacing the sill covers.

brilliant explanation clips on there way

Hi All, great explanation and help from all, looking at what has been said I think that the bracket on the front must be broken or loose. Will order the clips today and then sort as soon as they arrive.

I know this is an old thread, but is usefully linked to in a new one.

Just a word of warning if adopting the slide rearwards to remove, not all the slots holding the clips are oriented the same way, see photo below. Almost all my clips were broken, so it didn’t affect me, but just making you aware that you may need to prise/break some of the clips.