Lost my Avatar and the three bars top left (Solved)

All of a sudden I’m not seeing my own avatar top right on screen. The blue and green notifications for updated threads and new messages has gone too. I’ve also lost the three bar symbol where I could go to latest and unread threads. When I’m looking at a thread the only way back to the list of threads is the back button on my browser.

Haven’t changed anything on my PC. Firefox on Windows 10.

OK I have just found the solution and this may be of help to others.

I had restarted my PC and Firefox had automatically logged me into the forum. So here’s the solution.

If you lose the top bar on the forum with your avatar and the three bar menu do the following.

Click ‘Home’ top left to go to the MX5OC home page.

Click ‘Logout’ top right.

Click ‘Login’ top right and log back into the website.

Click ‘Forum’ top centre to get back to the forum.

Your Avatar and menu button should reappear.