Lost my spare key

I have lost my spare key for my 1997 Berkley any idea how I can get a replacement. The number on other key is MZ223TK5

Not sure about doing it by the number but I think it may be possible from Mazda expensive though. I go a key from a local locksmith who has the kit to match the chip to the one in my key, it cost £60 (should have been £70 but he made a mistake on the quote and honoured it) I am told they are about £200 from Mazda !! so it’s worth finding a locksmith with the kit. Hth and good luck, Dave. Ps what’s your location ?

Timpsons cut me a Mk1 spare about 10 years back when I noticed a crack appearing.
Was’nt expensive as I recall. Still use it.

Thank you my Caledonian friend, but the lost key has now returned in the pocket of a pair trousers that were in the wash bin that I forgot I had recently worn.

Been there, done that.

Do that quite often with my wallet in the washing machine, thank God for plastic tenners.