Lowering Springs and Wheel Spacers on ND

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Last summer I fitted some Eibach Pro lowering springs along with wheel spacers to my ND. The wheel spacers are 15mm front and 20mm rear. The main reason for fitting the springs and spacers was for looks as now the wheels fill the arches much better. As a bonus I have noticed the car dips, dives and leans less in bends, overall the car feels more sure footed. From a comfort point of view I can honestly say I have not noticed any real difference, the car still rides nicely and handles bumps and pot holes very well.

For anyone considering making similar changes to their car I have added before and after pictures so you can get an idea of what results to expect. The parts came from MX5parts and fitting was fairly easy taking about a morning to complete. Other than a good socket set, jack and axle stands the only specialised tool required was a pair of spring compressors which I purchased from Halfords for £29. After allowing the springs to settle for a week I had a professional four wheel alignment carried out. Then when the car went in for its first service a few months later I asked the dealer to check the headlight alignment at the same time.



Forgot to add the rear shot.


I’m totally pants when it comes to working on my MK3 ,but well done, it’s a great looking car.


image image image

Mine ,


@Island_hopper Odula exhaust? I love the sound of it on mine, also the diffuser :ok_hand:t3:

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Thanks Bosley, I am no mechanic either but I love the way MX5’s are so easy and cheap to work on.

Nice looking RF Stephen

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Hi John looks like your and my car could be twins from the photo. I am not sure what make mine is, I got it from MX5parts who I think got it from I.L. Motorsport. I also love the sound and it does tend to turn heads.

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The Make is Ulter. They are a pretty well repped German Exhaust maker. If you had a chance to look at the welds before the part was put on they are beautiful. great bit of kit!

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Hey Mark

The box is made by Ulter, German maker of fine back boxes for years. If you have the chance look at the welds. They are almost artfully done. We all love a good weld!


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Hi Mark, what model is it, ie which engine, what trim level ?

What spacer sizing did you go for @stephenraw and which lowering springs?

From memory they are 15 at the front and 20 at the rear

Hi Paul

It’s a GT Sport Nav +, 2019 model on a 68 plate. It has the revised 184PS 2ltr engine, I think these are often referred to as ND2.


Thanks Mark. It certainly looks better lower and I’m intrigued at the improved handling as from experience the ND2 Sport Nav already had much more stable body control than the early NDs . Personally I used to like the body roll but I guess I’m in a minority


Thanks mate,still love it done 35k now