Luggage rack and bag options

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __NA
  2. I’m based near: Ireland
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Luggage racks

From browsing around the web it seems there a three basic types of luggage rack; those that fit by clamps, those that are secured by spring loaded clamps and those that have suckers. Are there any suggestions as to which are the better option? Screw clamps look untidy and could snag a hand or case/bag, so not too keen on those, I’m sure a sucker type would be quite secure, but even so… So that would leave the spring type as the favourite, unless anyone can advise differently?

The next issue is waterproof luggage Not at all keen on wrapping dustbin liners around cases so any other ideas appreciated!

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A boot bag…


We checked out those as well but the straps seemed a bit ‘fussy’, that is, there doesn’t appear to be a quick and easy way of attaching the bag, but maybe we missed something.

Found a Boot Bag and it’s straps very easy to handle. Perfectly logical - maybe your judgement is based on written instructions which may make a simple process appear complicated. In fact it is very quick and easy to attach/detach - often did so for security at pit stops in risky areas.

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We were going by the photos, rather than seeing one in the flesh, and there appeared no quick way of attaching or detaching it. But as you suggest, it’s probably a question handling one in real life to get the feel for it.

Like @MickAP we opted for a boot bag rather than a luggage rack. The first time you put it on it looks a bit daunting but it’s actually quite straightforward. We also find it quite a useful bit of luggage in other circumstances as it holds a surprising amount of stuff but is soft and pliable and won’t mark anything, so it will go on the back seat of our XK8 for example. In fact we are waiting delivery of a second one.

One tip though. If you get caught in very heavy rain the straps can act as wicks and some drips of water can find their way into the boot so put a towel on top of whatever is in the boot if you don’t want it to get wet.


I nearly pulled the trigger and bought one a few years ago as I liked the idea. Get to your destination remove it and carry it in to the hotel/B&B job done.
We’ve managed to avoid having to buy one, two tours of Scotland and Northumberland and countless other away trips the boot space has sufficed for our needs.
I think if I ever needed one it would be that over a boot rack I reckon.