Luggage steel rack

This one is being sold with the rack on.

If only we had a “Forum Gold” category!

Hello, do you have a picture please :blush:

I initially read that as ‘FeS2 category’, instead of ‘Forum Au category’, what ever it is it is inflectious :wink:

Sure - pics here - comes with all the fittings.

Thank you for the photos , looks nice but I am looking for a smaller one probably half a size of this one ,

Okay. This is the same as the one on the red NB above

I know the one you saw was on a TR6 but is this one on the back of a Spitfire perhaps close to the one you are looking for :-–3.html

Yes !! These are the ones I like :blush: Thank you !!

You are welcome, hope to see a photo once you have one fitted :wink:

Am so gratefull :blush:I will do !!

Hello :disappointed: I rang this website I have spoken to them 4 times today and out all of these boot racks they suggested only two , the one has the 4 black rubber pads which is just attach into the boot , and the second one is so big and wide that covers the whole surface of the boot and also so high up bulky . Apparently they told me the ones I like from the TR6 Spitfire etc, is not suitable for my car as they are very heavy and there is a risk when screw into the boot it will not hold the weight . But I thought the weight pretty much is similar around or between 3,5 kg / 4 kg . So not sure what to do now . The ones for the MX5 are big I don’t like any of them … I really thought I could order one today , maybe aluminium ? is a bit lighter … I don’t know really now if am honest :pleading_face:

Yes I did wonder if the MX5 aluminium boot would hold the weight of a screwed down little steel rack. IIRC the Triumphs have steel boot panels which would be heavier and less susceptible to warping under load. If you really want one of those small ones the only work arounds would be to build some sort of subframe into the boot lid to spread the load. An engineer could probably come up with a solution but it would probably add significantly to the cost, alternatively see if you can find a fabricator who could put something similar together in aluminium. It won’t have much strength mind, or you could go really exotic with a titanium rack which would weigh next to nothing and have plenty of strength.

You are absolutely right …But…what I had in mind I cannot have it in this car . I just liked really something simple silver shiny. Thank you for all your ideas maybe I could give another thought but I know the ones I like are not suitable for my car . Will see…