Lumbar Support for Mk3

I had posted this on the ‘what have you done to your MX5 today’ section but it was suggested that I added it here too… apologies for repeating the post.


About three weeks ago I bought a blood pressure replacement cuff from Amazon together with a rubber inflation bulb from Ebay in order to do this mod -


Incredibly simple to do (and it has to be for me not to mess it up) and works a treat! The only addition I made was to add a large plastic lid from my wifes Tupperware collection to give the bladder something to push against and stop it destroying itself against the seat springs.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve travelled about 2,200 miles around France and Italy with no re-occurrence of the back pain I’ve suffered in the past. The best £15 I’ve ever spent on the MX. 



Do you have any of the UK links to these Items? Id be interest in this As I could do with a touch more lumbar support in mine. 



Hi Ben,

I’m in Italy at the moment so can’t always access the internet. I’ll try and find the links this evening for you…


No rush for me, Enjoy your trip :slight_smile: can post when you get back :) 




Last night in Italy so it’s France tomorrow and home on Saturday  Cry

Here’s the stuff I used but I don’t doubt you can find both of them on Ebay -

Blood pressure cuff -

Latex bulb -

I also added a large lid from my wife’s tupperware collection, she’s always complaining she has too many lids but no pots so I’ve just helped redress the situation for her!

Hi Steve, this sounds like a great thing to do  I went looking and found this at less than a tenner delivered with Prime!

If I get on OK with it, I’ll buy one for the other side too  then I’ll have two zipped bags and pressure gauges left over  Not arrived yet (later today) but I should be able to to blank off the second tube to the gauge easily enough. Thanks for sharing such a clever modification,  something that actually serves a purpose, unlike most of the stuff I do to my car


Barrie let me know how you get on with this as I’m really interested in doing it. and I still need to see your 1800GT 

I was hoping to get to the BO5’s meet this weekend but apparently I need to attend a christening, shame as I believe they are doing a welsh lakes run out. 


Hi Ben, yes there is an organised run on Sunday  I’m sure we’ll get to meet at some stage! I’m very interested myself in this simple mod.  I’ve only got out to play on Sunday as Mrs B has a spa day with her mate 


lucky you,

I asked if I really needed to go to a christening of her friend I don’t really know just to stick some water on a childs head. that didn’t go down well so now I have to be on best behavior 


looks like I will be spinning round north Yorkshire afterwards though as we still get to take the MX5 out as its a no dog day :slight_smile:



Just an update on this mod. Having done it, it’s amazing but, I thought I was being smart by just doubling up the bladder and cuff to provide a bit of ‘padding’ against the two horizontal springs in the back of the NC seats. What happened yesterday, although still effective, was that the bladder pushed through the springs into the space between cover and springs rather than staying between Spring and seat back. Answer obviously is to get a Tupperware lid between bladder and springs ( other food container lids are avilable ) just going to have a look around the house/garage to find somthing suitable  


Hi Barrie, as you know mine is ordered and on its way, i have been looking on miata net and they have been having the same problems, will get some stiff plastic sheet larger than the width of the springs, drill some holes through the sheet and secure it to the springs with tie-wraps, but before fitting it in place i will fit velcro strips to both the ‘inside’ of the sheet and the cuff, and hope the jobs a good un.

Having sat in yours yesterday and finding it very comfortable i can’t wait for mine to arrive, i’m going to order a second one for the passenger seat (if it works well) as my son also has a dicky back.

Also i have been having thoughts about your door mod and i’m pretty sure i’ve cracked it.



P.S. one of the gutless gang!

Sounds interesting Dave 


EDIT: you’ve been applying your engineering knowledge to this 


For anybody interested this is the one i’ve ordered…£6.99p Professional Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Cuff Blood Pressure Montior Dial Nylon

Gutted  paid almost a tenner for mine!  



Yep, that’s exactly what happened when I first fitted it… A large Tupperware lid was immediately available and successfully used without the need for holes/cable ties or my wife’s permission, although I’m sure I’ll be in the doghouse the next time she can’t find it in the cupboard.

The mod was an unqualified success on our month long tour, so pleased it worked for you too 



Yes it certainly works, which is fantastic, it’s a very simple and inexpensive modification, which is also fantastic so thank you Steve for posting this up and giving others the opportunity to try it out! 

Mine should arrive tomorrow, seat cover is already removed and waiting.

My pleasure… I’ve gained so much information from this forum and the enterprising efforts of others that it’s nice to return the favour 


Mine (eventually after 8 days) arrived today and took all of 20mins to fit…no need for tie wraps and velcro as i originally stated…a hint, don’t just fit it and zip everything up, test by sitting in the car and adjust the height of the cuff to suit your seating position, then you can zip it all back together…and good luck remembering how the seat back and squab ‘clip’ back together.


Edit. I used a doubled up piece of stiff cardboard cut to the inside shape of the seat and about an inch or so higher than the upper spring.

Thanks to Steve398 for the heads up.