M2 1028 For Sale!

Anyone feeling flush?

For a minute, I thought there was for sale in the UK…

There are usually 3-4 1028s on sale, retail in Japan.

If you want a M2-1028, this is not it. It has nice bits, but they are the wrong bits.

Wrong seats
Wrong roll cage
Wrong carpet, door cards
Wrong wheels
Wrong hardtop
Wrong steering wheel

These things could be reversed, but sourcing the correct rollcage, seats, hardtop will be extremely difficult. So 2.45m yen FOB.

Same car, Japanese retail price:


Another one, bit cheaper, wheels are wrong, but everything else looks ok:

Another, a few issues


The mechanically interesting one, a 2.1 stroker BP:




A Pitcrew for looks


M2-1001s are a bit thin on the ground. There was a relativel glut of them in 2015, when the ND was launched, but I guess they have gone back into collections.

Looks the right roll cage to me. Hard to say what’s right and wrong on an M2 when the whole idea was the individual customer specified the car.

WOW £17,500 - plus shipping etc…

Those M2s can go for £25k. But they are now being more frequently eclipsed by some concours cars coiming out of handing. FOB costs are £500-1000 on top of the actual purchase price (agent’s fee, costs of getting the car to the docks). Then you add shipping, 7% shipping insurance, 10% duty, 20% VAT, UK port release fees, and costs of transporting the car in the UK.


A nice J2 Limited, but is it that nice at 3.1 million yen, about £22k, more than £33k landed…


A pretty bog standard very late S-Package (someone has added the BBS wheels) with a cheap hood is 2.7m yen, £20k

At the other end:


I’ve seen worse. 280k yen is the entry price then, £2k before shipping.


Possible bargain; its an R-Limited, which are now incredibly rare for some reason. Missing its leather seats, though if it had them, they’ll probably not worth sitting on, so it will need trimming. And the hood is probably the worst I have seen.