Mad request for info ? Tow hitch for NC

I just know im going to get a load of giggles, however it is simply to allow me to have the facility to pull my small dinghy on its trailer out of the water if i have have the mx5 down at the boat club. So has anyone found one available on the market. Its a 2005 model. ( jap import so same as 2006)

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __NC
  2. I’m based near: Galway__
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __Can one buy a tow hitch for an NC model

Nothing made (towbar) for the NC as without getting all technical it wouldn’t get approval ( they ain’t made for towing)

Nothing to stop you cobbling something up to attach to the rear end though if all you want is to drag a dinghy out of the water.

Google " miata nc tow bar " and start reading. Loads of weird and wonderful stuff stateside

Sorta thought that was the case. Much obliged for your taking the time to reply , ill prob put some thing together myself.


Safest temporary solution would be to cobble something up which screws in the rear tow eye position which I believe is a 20mm metric thread. You would be towing off centre but it could work and would avoid any mods on the car.

You would probably have to take it off for mot time as they are now part of the test.

The tow eye is a left hand thread, so good luck with that.

Towing with the MX5 would be illegal as it is not certified for towing. The max allowed towing weight for the MX5 is 0 kg.

Unless it is a Mk1.

You could always tie something around the roll-over hoop :smiley:

Surely it would be NCT, not MoT?

For simply reversing a trailer towards a pond or beach the thread is irrelevant. Not difficult to use a secondhand mazda toweye as the starting point. Not for a road legal round the world trip obviously

Thanks , in particular mk375 , you hit the nail on the head. Its a totally off road tow for prob 5 mins max, ill give that a go .

Well we know that, you know that. But the mot tester will see it as a tow ball & if it doesn’t meet the regs will hand you a fail certificate.

Again, why would he be getting an MoT test???

Hi W,
Perhaps use the towing eye with one of these ?
May be some others thought you lived near James so got a little confused!!!

Because you need one each year.

I think the point is, it would be an NCT as the OP lives in Galway.

You are correct though as one is needed each year as the car is now over 10 years old.

I think the same would apply, modified chassis to take a towing hook would be looked at closely by a tester even for the NCT.
Best option I reckon would be as above posts and use something removable as in the towing eye.

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Once again - why would the OP ever require an MoT (rather than an NCT)?

Sorry, I just noticed where he is from. Tow hitch is still tested in the nct though.

Regardless of NCTs etc, worth a read:

NCs literally cannot tow anything, even if a US supplier has a towbar for it.

So Mazda says you can’t tow with the NC, and no bone fide towbar maker then attempts to make one. So someone like Flyin Miata thinks they can have a go at that, and close an unmet need…