Made a mess of my HRW wiring, now my dash wont illuminate!! Help!

ok, I think I have made a bit of a mess of this…

My car has a HRW but no relay or switch, all the wiring seemed to be there, so I plugged the hrw into the thing behind the seatbelt tower, plugged the relay in, and wired the switch in (it was wrong one, but followed a guide.

The hrw light comes on on the dash, but now none of the dash of instrument lights come on when you switch the headlights on. I have checked every fuse in the car I think and they are all fine…

To top it off the HRW doesn’t actually work, the light just comes on when you press the switch…

Looks like no driving in the dark for me!

can anyone help?

Sorted the dash illumination, I forgot to put the blanking plate back on the old switch. 


So just got to get the HRW working now, any ideas?

The blanking plate contains a wire link that provides essential continuity for the dash illumination. You can replace this with a dimmer varistor.

For the HRW, the plug on the harness attached to the window should loop back the earth terminal to the 3rd terminal on the plug. On a factory installation there is also a fuse holder near the battery. The fuse holder can accomodate two 10A fuses, one for the HRW and one for the electric aerial.

I have a fuse box there already with two good fuses in it. there was just a 6pin white connector behind the dash so I lopped it off and attatched four of the wire like this…

 Some info here:

Good luck


 Mine did not work when I got it. The relay (located behind the numberplate in the boot) was U/S so I replaced that and it still did not work even though the switch illuminated. In the end it was the wiring at the connection behind the passenger seat, it was linked out wrong. Any way had an electrician friend have a look at it and he sorted it. Hope you can see from my photo that the bottom wire is linked to the top left. Dont know why but it works now. Maybe this will help you.

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Mine does no look like that! I have 2 wires going into my seatbelt tower thing both from the hrw. is there 3 connections then? It was dark whn I wired it. I assumed 2, one for each connection on the HRW just making a circuit?


so the left hand one loop to one on the bottom and the screen…?

As per my previous post, the relay is earthed via the HRW wiring. The connector behind the passenger seatbelt towers has three terminals, two on the top row and one on the bottom row (black and purple wires above a red wire).

One of the terminals on the HRW element should be wired to the terminal on the bottom row of the connector (red wire). The other HRW terminal should be wired to one of the connectors on the top row (black or purple) and then looped back to the other terminal on the top row.

By arranging the wiring this way Mazda ensure that the HRW relay cannot be energised unless the HRW element is actually plugged in.


Thanks for the help, I’ll have another look tomorrow! 

now working, it was just the wiring at the tower! Just goes to prove its usually the simplest answer!


Thanks very much guys :slight_smile: