Made a offer, now what about exporting to the US

Been quite some time since I’ve posted, made a full price offer on a pre 94 (90-93’s can now be imported to the US) MX5 late today, waiting to hear back from the seller. Have done some of my homework, found two companies that can assist with the export and overseas transport if the deal comes to fruition. Has anyone on your side of the ocean sold to anyone in the US yet? If so, were there any legal issues that did not originally come up? I may be jumping the gun, but I want get ahead of the potential pitfalls that may crop up.

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Bill S.

Export of rhd MX5s to the US from th UK would be exceedingly rare, considering now the penchant in the US for exporting rst free cars from Japan.

There was a guy in the US, on miataforum, who had gotten hold of a Eunos Roadster from thenUK. I believe someone in Delaware originally imported it. It had typical rust for the UK:

At docks, waiting for loading

It had been imported into the US by:

Suggest you also contact Andy Stott at Autolinkuk, who could help.

How have you reconciled the risk of rot in a UK car, over importing a car from Japan?

Appreciate the detailed response, the car in question is low mileage and a pre purchase inspection will be in order to inspect for the typical sill rot. If you are on, I use the same user name, and used to own a autobody shop (now thankfully retired), so rust is something I am well aware of, and well versed in it’s proper repair and prevention. I have imported from the UK in the distant past, but that was a MG TC back in 1989, so a lot has changed since then. Have not heard back from the seller yet, I suspect the car may have sold quickly given it’s low mileage and one owner status, but you never know. I’ve got a car in to both Schumaker and CFRinkins, but do expect to hear back from them for at least a say or two. gave them the US NTSHA export numbers for the car should help as well, as the 90-93’s can now be legally exported without any conversion nonsense other than a simple headlamp swap or realignment. Once again, appreciate your response.


Bill Silvershein
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Well, first quote was quite eye opening, much more than the $1,400 and change I spent to export a MG years ago:

  • $785.00 - Trucking to terminal
  • $1,985.00 - Ocean Freight: from terminal Felixstowe, UK to our terminal in New York via Shared, .
    • $345 - Terminal Handling Charge at US Port
  • $485 - Drayage & Unloading of Container
  • $200.00 - Customs Entry Filing Fee
  • $85.00 - Importer Security Filing (ISF) Fee
  • $35.00 - DOT Filing Fee ($35 per vehicle)
  • $35.00 - EPA Filing Fee ($35 per vehicle)
  • $75.00 - Agency Fee
  • $85.00 - ISF Bond
  • $137.50 - Single Entry Bond (for vehicles with a combined value of $10,000 or less)
  • $745.00 - Delivery to Greenville


Ouch, that seems to suggest they don’t want anyone to import a car.

I’m really thinking the company is fishing for just a couple of hot and heavy deals with buyers too anxious to do their own homework. Schumaker, who still had my information (outdated by 20+ years no less) is working on getting me an up to date quote, both with and without transportation to and from the docks.

Should have that in another day or two.

Bill S.

PS: Of course not hearing from the seller makes me think the car has already sold, and this potential deal is done, but we will see…

Have you checked the MOT history? All you need is the registration number (tag), though US IP addresses might be blocked from accessing some UK government website. You can pay a modest amount to get a pretty good digital check.

It might tell you about corrosion failures/advisories, and a pattern of neglected maintenance.

Link to ad, photo of the car, the car might be known here. On this site, to post a picture, its as simple as right click copy, right click paste.

The container shipping cost is about what I would expect. Going back the other way, 25 years ago I was quoted $1500 to container my CRX from Florida to Southampton, and I needed to get the car to the docks myself.

Why not ro ro it?

Thanks for the link, a MOT would be great…ROI is what Schumaker is quoting me, as I do not need a container for 1 Miata. Now, if I was going on a buying spree (I am looking for a nice Caterham 7… but for that I’m better off with a stateside unit as a UK based I’d be searching for a pre 98 build…still), I might want a container as I could easily fit two cars in one.

Bill S.

US allows cars aged 25 years or older, so now you can effectively include 1995 car.

This car from Autolink is ace, and you won’t find a rarer example of a factory limited edition. This car would be unique in the US. The Tokyo Limited was a special run commissioned from the factory by a Tokyo Eunos dealer:

Its never seen salt.

The cream leather, deep pile carpet, alcantara dash, is all factory.

Essentially, the TL is a Special Package 1.8 Eunos Roadster, but painted in PZ black. You could not otherwise buy a S-Package in black, as tis was otherwise a colour reserved for the V-Special or S-Special. And then Mazda fitted essentially the M2-1002 interior. The leather I know in these cars, having owned a M2-1002, is a full hide leather, superior to the normal leather grade.

Andy is an importer, so might be able to save a significant sum on shipping, if shipping from Scotland or North of England (Liverpool).

If you are looking at the thick end of $4-5k in shipping, makes sense to focus on a more collectable model.

Autolinkuk also has a 1995 full conversion pitcrew (most are only a front end conversion)

Might not be your bag though.

Well, it appears the car I offered face value for is now marked as sold:

If you follow me on miata dot net, you know I have a soft spot for Laguna Blue , hence the offer on this one. Would have gladly sold SWMBO 2.5 Ford duratec swapped True Red 06 GT to make room in the garage for it…Oh well, the hunt continues.

Thanks again for all of your assistance

Bill S.

Whats the registration of the car? PM me if necessary.


The registration is H790MFX

Cat D means it has previously been an insurance D, but a relatively low category (minor damage, possibly it had no real damage, but the cost of repairs exceeded 60% of the assessed value o the car, which was probably not a lot)

From the MOT history, I can see it had welding work done in 2006 to both rear sills, further work in 2011, by 2016, the sills needed welding again, and rust was back in 2018.

Your clear disadvantage, if you are looking at private ads, is that you are in the US. UK buyers would be less hassle.

From the ad, if there are photos, you can get the registration number. Move on if the seller is being evasive about this.

If Laguna Blue is your thing, then a very small number of 116hp 1.6 Laguna Blues were made for the UK market I believe. All te other Lagunar Blues were 1.8.

Rare UK spec 1.8iS model here. MOT hisotry indicates its had rust issues. Price is fair

Another one, Eunos Roadstwr

High miles (200k kms), but nothing mentioned on rust

As always, appreciate the extra leads, the 95 is sold, if not, languishing for 5+ months at a dirt cheap price, it’s something locals have passed over, so will I.
The other one, not much to go on, I may reach out.

Thanks again

Bill S.

MOT history isn’t flawless; an absence of mention doesn’t mean rust isn’t there. But you can use it to pick up a pattern of use, eg the owner who turns up for a test with tyres within insufficient tread.

Another one, this one appears spot on, still have factory Bilsteins.

But $15k delivered to Florida. But this isn’t an auction price; its somewhere in between what comes into the auctions, and full retail.

Full retail:

1.9 million yen. That’s $18,000 before its gotten off the forecourt. But its a very nice, very low miles car.

Well, even though my offer was denied, I did learn quite a bit as far as my future UK purchase and export adventure. I want to thank everyone who PM’d me as well as those who responded here on this thread. I’ll go back to lurking while I continue my search.

From across the pond, here is wishing you and your families a happy and a healthy new year.


Bill S.

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So what were the actual shipping costs working out to be. News here is that in recent weeks, the cost of a container into the UK has tripled.

Roll on, roll over $3,941 and change
Container $5880 and change
With the container, I could theoretically fit two cars, 1 miata, and 1 pre 1995 Caterham 7 if I can play for cards right :smiley:

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