Made me feel quite low until the lights went green!

Out on a drive today and pulled up at the lights and saw this brut next to me! I know my car is lowered but gosh when a wheel is at head height!

Frightening? :thinking: Yes!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Even more so if it’s only the cab unit and accelerates like a rocket!!! :astonished: :crazy_face: Don’t ever think that if you get one behind you at a stop of any sort that you’ll easily get away, in a “5” with a modern cab unit behind you’ll be struggling! :astonished:

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Really?!! This bloke had a skip on the back so all fine there! I only had a tonneau cover in the boot. Haha

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Ah! I think that we’re talking about different brutes! You seem to be talking about purpose built trucks, whereas I’m (mistakenly) talking about cab (tractor) units that hitch up to containers, flat-beds etc., which have the power to tow 40 tonne loads at high speed, so in isolation their power/weight ratio is formidable, as is their acceleration. Don’t ask me how I know!


Have to admit when I used to have my Z4 I felt extremely vulnerable on the motorway amongst large lorries. I haven’t taken the MX-5 on a motorway run yet but I anticipate it’ll be quite similar

One of our cars broke down on the way to a repair shop and had to be low-loader rescued. I’d been in/on (carried as a passenger in the car) recovery lorries before but, this was the first time I’d ever experienced one with sports-car like acceleration and speed, was truly amazing, also had good brakes for the traffic stopping suddenly ahead of it too!

As to feeling low next to large vehicles, It had never bothered me much until someone else posted a similar thread on the old forums and then I started noticing it all the time :wink:

Tiny cars


I literally thought that was photo shopped!

Looks small, but is it


Never bothered me. I feel bigger in my 5 than on my mountain bike.

At least the parking spaces seem to be bigger in America.
I can only just get my MX5 in the garage.