Mainly directed at MX5 123, Rhino, Robbie and anyone else that knows?

Has anyone had reason to examine any of these connectors on a car loom? What I want to know, are unused pins (presumably female) left in the main connecting block, or are they missing? This also applies to the matching plug, presumably fitted with male pins - or not?

Also, what is the standard way of connecting to them, assuming they are normally in place - soldering, or crimping, and which is easiest? Crimp connectors often need a special tool, and it seems most unlikely I can get one.

If they are not in place, any ideas where they can be obtained? This type of socket and plug doesn’t seem to be widely available, nor does any info about them, so confined to Mazda only? - No idea.

In particular I’m looking at connector X05 - the main loom connector between the dashboard and any component listed on any particular car (Mk2.5’s as example) - I’m about to write a guide to adding heated seats, and it will take a lot of explaining.

Yes, I realise I could piggy back onto the loom connection, (if there is one) but would prefer to do it the OEM way, as it would make sense to anyone troubleshooting. If no-one has this info, then that seems the only alternative.

Any positive posts will be greatly appreciated, otherwise I’ll be floundering like a landed fish- dead out the water! Thank you.


As a general rule manufacturers will have many versions of loom sections and the differences will be that a particular car has say remote locking or heated seats and the loom sections that cover these items will have the wiring in.

If that specific car does not have say heated seats forinstance, the section of loom they will use will not have those specific leads included inside the outer black loom cover and the particular plug socket may well have those pins with no wire connections or those pins and sockets will be removed from the multi plugs.

I would say in 95% of cases the wiring will be removed. Only in 5% of cases will all the wires and connectors be in place if the extra items are not specified. This is not just Mazda but most makers seem to do this.

It would to the normal person seem crazy that the manufacturer has so many loom sections to keep in stock.

I remember on a Mk2 Golf GTI there was a fog light connector on the bulkhead.

If you bought the VW Fog light kit, the wiring supplied with it did not go back to that fog light terminal on the bulkhead for easy switching as the relays required did not have internal relay sockets on the internal fuseboard in the passenger compartment.

Thanks for your time and input Eddie, however your reply is what I would term ‘Generalised at non specific’ rather than the specific reply I need. For general information, I have had several emails from a dutch owner, also a mechanic, who has sent me specific photo’s on what he did to make the heaters work, and after several queries from myself, I learned that he has possession of a donor car, from which loom he has extracted all the seat heater wiring, and transposed it into his car. With regard to main connector X05 (dash loom) he said “I unclipped the pins and wire out of the donor, and moved them to my car” - to which I asked “were there empty connectors in the mating connector, or not?” and he has twice referred me back to his original statement. Obviously he doesn’t understand what I mean, though his command of English is as good as mine is. So his car, despite being void of additional wiring, still operates as it should. meaning that main connector X05 has all the wiring in for fogs, seat heater and other add-on items. Just no external wiring via the mating plug, which he’s now added. If I try to explain this to any of our owners, none are going to understand or know how they can connect to what wiring may be in place on the loom, or how to remove both connector pin and wire from where? Donor car looms have to be harder to find than a hens tooth in my mind. The cost of removing them in one piece also makes me wonder, so selling price would be astronomic. My write up will explain how to use available auto wire, not readily available from most known car stores, though I do have a specialist in mind, just not has time to go there yet, to inquire in person. I also need to contact an old trade supplier, but that doesn’t solve the problem about connectors. If I can’t get a definitive answer, then the whole scenario goes in the waste bin.

And - most of the people I’ve tried to help, all have seat connectors and wiring, a heated switch panel (with and without a plug) and apparently, bases for heater relays, for which most have obtained them. What has been missing, is the wiring between X05 and the switch panel - none have found it, and it’s that I need to explain how to get round it. Most owners so far have reverted to wiring described elsewhere (Nutz) which takes the heater live feed from the headlight fuse. Bearing in mind, it’s colder when it’s dark, and the most likely time to need a seat heater, and the headlights - and hey presto - blown fuse.

Hi Gerry

Unfortunately I do not have the knowledge of this specific plug area to be able to give you a definitive answer.

I will however, pass on my thoughts in the hope that they may assist you.

There are a number of loom variants for the MK2.5 car(2001 - 2005). Drumtochty kindly sent me scans of the immobiliser circuit diagrams for cars from 2001 - 3 and there were three distinctly different varieties of that system alone.

I would expect that the loom side part of your connector plug to have all the wiring you require but would confirm that by inspection/comparison or preferably by perusing circuit diagrams. Eddie may be able to assist you with this?

My theory is that most variation takes place beyond the main nodes so perfectly feasible to insert the correct wires with their connectors into the empty slots into the other(non main loom) connector side. Lots of interest in this mod so a proper write up would be very useful.

Here is another one for you:-) - how to wire in a keyless unit behind the glovebox on a MK2.5 for remote door locking. Not a problem where the loom wiring and plug exist but lots of these cars do not have this. Many have tried and failed but only six wires - this must be possible.          

Thanks Rob, Understood, I’m aware you don’t harvest looms, but I was hoping you would be able to make some contribution to my search, instead you’ve faced me with more work!

I’ll put that on the back burner for now, but will look into what you asked for after I’ve sorted out the heated seat problem. I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that wiring looms contain all the necessary wiring for any model, but actual model selection is a ‘pick and mix’ selection of what wires to use as far as actual car wiring is involved.That is the current problem - ie - how ? Worse case scenario is that, if no connector pins are included in non sport models then the only option is to piggy back to the loom wiring direct, something I hoped to avoid. Best available option would be if Robbie (Roadster) can tell me if spare pins are available to allow OEM wiring to be done correctly - as far as body side pins for common connector plugs are available?

Hi @Gerryn, I’d love to know how far you got with this.

I have recently acquired a 3.5 Miyako and if the wiring is all there and just needs enabling in some simple way, it would seem crazy not to do it

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