Making the jump!

Hi Everyone,

I’m in the West Midlands and I’m looking to change from a '04 SLK 350 to an MX5 as my second car over the next few months.

I’m searching for something convertible, lighter on its feet, manual (the autobox in the SLK doesn’t agree with me) and that my wife will also drive. She’s scared of the power available in the Mercedes - that, and the sound, is probably going to be the main thing I will miss! The slight loss of practicality isn’t a problem as I also have an estate.

I’m thinking that a MX5 3.5/3.75 2.0 PRHT is the way forward here. Budget around 10k but fairly flexible.

To get the Mrs on board colour is important so we are looking for one of the following (in order of preference):
Sport Venture Edition in Deep Crystal Blue
Venture Edition in Radiant Ebony (not keen on the brown seats - but this one has stone
Sport Graphite in Aquatic Blue Mica
25th AE

Are there any other versions I should be considering? A definite no to White or Black cars though!

Sport Tech Nav 3.75 From 2013-15. Doesn’t have brown seats (in the main):+1:

25th Anniversary model if you can find one within budget

Try looking at PVC Trading.

They usually have a selection of good used MX5s in stock and have a lot of experience in dealing with MX5,'s

If speed around the bends mx5 but saying your misses don’t like the speed the for 10k bmw z4 a far better built car

Thanks for the suggestions guys! The Radiant Ebony was at PVC Trading so they are on my radar, I need to be quicker out of the blocks for the rare colours it seems!

Phil: My wife doesn’t mind the speed, it’s the power on tap when she is driving that is ‘scary’ :face_with_raised_eyebrow: She’s happy with holding good speed around the twisty bits. At the minute we have 3 cars only 1 of which she is really comfortable with as it isn’t ‘too big’ or ‘too powerful’.

The SLK was really just a plush way to give her the wind-in-the-hair bug with the end goal of getting something a bit more driver focused. Personally I think I would love an Elise but the lack of carpet seems to be a major sticking point for some reason. I don’t think a Z4 will be a big enough change from the SLK to satisfy either of our requirements.

Didn’t Clarkson describe the Z4 as a wife swappers car once :thinking: :flushed: