Mallory Park Video

 first of my vids from Mallory

Nice one.

MORE MORE                Thumbs up

 Here`s some more part 1 of last session I did in the afternoon part 2 to follow

Heres part 2 really enjoyed that last session [:D]



very enjoyable, thank you mikey     Big Smile

 here`s another one from the morning prior to the black mk1 going off

Cracking vids mate!

I once spoke to a club member who said he couldn’t understand the obsession with track days…each to their own and all that but boy, if only he knew what he’s missing!

Roll on Oulton Park!!!

Hi Jon , I must admit Iam obsessed with track days, but unfortunately since being made redundent I have had to cut down on them which is why I didnt make it to Oulton Park and Brands. I was really gutted as Alan (uma) and I have always had some good dices over the last couple of years, thats the thing with this club we always have a great camerardery and nobody puts anyone down whatever model they drive. my mx is mostley standard apart from the suspension and setup and the induction (typhoon) so if I can be quicker than some I`am over the moon. I dont really care if the Turbo/supercharged guys fly past me on the straights thats just power, its in the corners that matters and thats where the skill comes in so the more you do the more you learn. As you are a fellow Yorkshireman I hope to see you at some point in the future. keep in touch.