Mallory Photos! * Post them all up here *

Post them up… unless theres some other way this is usually done… i dunno… i just wanna see some photos :stuck_out_tongue:


Great day out! We wonder how many cars were there, and was it a record for the most 5’s at any gathering?

A few snaps here …

 What a good day must have a go on track next time. [:D]



We passed in excess of 1100 cars through the gates but that didnt include those who went straight to the paddock in the morning and Im sure someone can give and idea of numbers there. After around 1100 I had to leave the gate control and Im sure a few more sneaked in.

 In excess of 1100.!  A Club record, fab…[:D]

I can give you the numbers of wristbands sold soon. 

 cracking rally…!     we thoroughly enjoyed this one, could’nt believe the turnout… 5’s pouring in through two for most of the day. Excellent on track entertainment, first time for us at mallory park, what a little gem of a track… thanks smiffy and ryan for the company on saturday night and thanks to all the organisers for putting on a great event, the best by far…! here’s our contribution of photos…


cheers jason, teresa and chloe

Cracking pictures folks! Some great snaps!

 Nice one jaseface, u got my car in one of your shots, it was a bit like playing wheres Wally, but he’s defo there!




Here’s mine :

Anyone need XL versions, let me know.


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 Hi everyone I’m new here.

I took my camera along with me and took a few track side shots, mainly from the one location I’m afraid.

Here is the gallery: HERE.

Hope you like them.



 Some very good track shots…and some nice ones of me!


Thanks for shareing

from one Insomniac to another



 A lot of excellent shots there. Camera? Lens?

Nice pictures!!!




Hi Jason,


I haven’t seen you there. I was on the track most of the afternoon…

How are you?




 I’m new here too! First proper post is a big thanks for all the great photos.

Especially Kent and paz3293 for the ones of me (M700***). Including with my instructor session to prove it was my first time!

Must get time to upload my (poor) efforts!

Thanks again all.



 Hi bill we did see a silver elise flying around the track… teresa said if she had known it was you, she would of come to pinch a passanger ride off you haha …we are fine hope you are too

 Hi everone

I’ve got to shoot of to work now, but I will look back later.

If anyone want the original hi-res shot just let me know.

The camera was a Canon 1DmkIII & EF100-400L zoom.

Thanks for the kind comments [:)].


great photos folks, & even more so because you got me & the memsahib having our picnic lunch…[:D]



Here is a link to the photo’s I took on Saturday:

Most of the Track ones were from the Open Pit lane session in the morning. 

I had a great day, brilliant event and well organised.  I really wished I had gone on the track but didn’t really want to ruin my tyres etc.  Thanks to Chris from Phoenix Fives for letting me go round as a passenger with him.  Fantastic to see so many 5’s together.

Winning the Gold medal at the Slalom event really made my day though :wink: