Management warning light

My recently purchased 2009 MK3 warning light as now been reset twice , the Garage says this is due to lack of use (driven 10 miles approx every two weeks ) I would have thought this sufficient .
Comment welcome.

You would need to investigate the specific codes generating the light which can be read by a garage or diy obd2 code reader from the obd socket in the car. The code will indicate where the problem lies.

How flat did the battery get??
These cars have a learning ecu. If the battery was really low and you cranked the engine, it could be that the ecu lost its settings.

Load of ■■■■ my money will be on a o2 sensor ,plug it in and see what comes up.

If you bought the car from a dealer and have any kind of warranty get it sorted now as it could be a sizeable bill if left to fix at your cost.
In this weather a battery charge and a spirited run to the supermarket would not hurt.

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You are correct it is still under warranty ,and has a new battery, the second reset the garage claimed the diagnosis showed poor connection but found non , and then said lack of use possibly fault , but I have driven approximately 10 miles every two weeks
Which I thought should suffice.

The warning light is generated by a specific fault code or codes which indicate the system which is not working properly. The thread link below has a list of them.
Don’t be fobbed off by the garage. Find out which code was read and get them to fix it. Note that none of the codes indicate it’s only driven 10 miles sir and it’s been cold out lately.

Sounds like a comparison of the waste product of the Bos Taurus!
Mine hasn’t moved since October and no lights on at all.
I would take it back and get them to diagnose and sort properly. :slightly_smiling_face:

Take it to an independent and get the code read, go back to the vendor with that.
Leaving a car stood does not illuminate a warning light.

Many thanks for the fault codes , will now investigate further

Thanks everyone, my intention is to get a friend to get the code , then back to the Garage.
All the relies very much appreciated