Mark 4 Boot popper springs

MX5 parts are showing ‘out of stock’ and I cannot see whether theirs would fit a Mk4.

Any thoughts please?

Sorry but I can not find the item but found this Fuel Filler Lid Lift Spring, MX5 Mk4 & RF ( Is this the item? If not can you do a link so we can see what you are looking at.

They are for the Mk1 and 2, I can not see any reference to the Mk4. Confused.

May be these Tailgate struts for MAZDA MX-5 IV ND — high quality parts ( are what you are looking for.

Nope! I think there has been a lot of threads on the boot opening springs already, in fact I’ve found a comprehensive one a year ago.

I’ve answered my query: I want some but I’m not paying £99 for a pair of springs - when MX5 parts get them back in stock at sub £70 I may have a punt but it’s still a lot for being lazy and not opening the boot lid with one’s fingers isn’t it? I think a lot of the appeal is posing, pressing the remote and impressing the people in Asda car park.

Appear to be a bit more than a pair of springs. Low volume part, I doubt more than a few hundred are sold each year. Fair price.

These are the boot poppers fitted to my MX5 ND.


  • They are cool :joy:
  • Prevent the risk of catching your finger nails against the body work when manually lifting the boot


  • There is a tendance they ever so slightly cause the back of the boot lid to sit proud of the rear panel.

When I close my boot I give a gentle push down with my thumb on the rear corners of the boot.

In this picture the boot has just been closed.

And in this one I have just pressed on the corners

As I say it is very slight but enough for me to know it’s there, the push down sorts it.

It’s a bit of a faf, but as I say, they are pretty cool :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Distorting the fit like that might lead to damage to the hinges…

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And distortion of the aluminium boot lid.

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And scratches where you push down!!!

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