Mark All Posts Read

Do we have to go into each forum to mark all posts read?

Sorry to revive a very old post but I’ve got the same question and sadly can’t find an answer.
Does anyone know if you can mark all posts as read?
Thanks Mike

I am not aware of a way to mark all posts as read but there is a way to mark all “New” posts as read (the ones with the blue dots next to them):

  1. Homepage
  2. Click ‘New’ across the top
  3. Click ‘Dismiss New’ on the top right

I am assuming you actually want the ability to mark everything as read so they appear grey except those which you haven’t read which would appear black.
I don’t think this is possible so would instead look at your Tracking Preferences where you can set what is classed as ‘New’ (blue dot) as well as when you automatically start ‘Tracking’ a post (blue dot with post count).
Hope this helps :smiley:

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You can also try homepage>Unread>Dismiss and select the checkbox and confirm (I still have all the blue dots mind, even after trying it).

Since the forums are running Discourse sometimes you can get your answer from their support forum:

(just not in this instance as all the threads respond to the negative other than the answer above).

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If you’re viewing New or Unread posts, you can Dismiss them but not mark as read.