Mark moor international vehicle festival

 Hi all,
This may be of interest to any owners in Somerset or the south west. 22nd august 2010. Would be great to see a few more mx5’s/roadsters there along with mine. I spoke to the organiser today & he is expecting 200-250 vehicles on show.
take a look at the website & register to show your car (free entry).
Please note: I have no connections to this meeting, just dont want to be on my own!
Hope to see some of you there.

 Hi Bert - I do realise that it’s now 2012 but me & the wife are going to the MMIVF in a fortnights time - see you there???

 Is it the year or the day that’s wrong or both? The 22nd August 2012 is a Wednesday and  I suspect many of our members may be working.

 Hi Karen, the 22nd Bert was refering to was in 2010. The MMIVF is on the 26th August this year. See the link below.

Thanks for the clarification. Not sure if anyone will be attending - nothing planned at the moment.


 Sorry can’t make it, having a get together for a family birthday

 Sorry I will be taking the family down to Cornwall for a week in the caravan, just praying that the weather will be kind.