Market value of my Eunos

Hi folks I managed to damage the offside ( passenger ? side of my Eunos) I haven’t got an estimate yet … it might be written off - so wandering what the market value of the car would be : 91 V edition green Eunos 108000 miles 11months MOT ( spent £900)
Anyone any advice

Market value might give you £1,000, difficult to know without more detail of the condition.

At that age likely to a be a write off, suppose you could buy back and repair depending on condition otherwise.

Passenger side is actually the nearside if you end up having to order bits.
One man’s write off is another’s fixer upper…

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I would have thought at least 2k for a V Spec…it’s one of the first ones. If original condition, value could easily rise to 4k plus. Quick look on Car & Classic, same model as yours, 124k miles, both sills professionally restored, asking 3k. Obviously asking and getting are not the same thing, but it’s an indicator.

Sorry OP…Scottishfiver, did you purchase the rear spoiler or did it come with the car.

Standard. JDM '93 1840cc VS

I’m looking for the same spoiler…can’t find it anywhere. Love the look…